Ink Quality and Yield

Cartridge World Guam is unique in the sense that we DO NOT refill any cartridges within our store. All of our products are tested and certified before being shipped from our suppliers in the continental United States. Through the exclusion of refilling, Cartridge World Guam delivers better quality control and ensure that all cartridges will produce the SAME YIELD & QUALITY as an original cartridge.

However, most customers do not print the same exact document repeatedly on a single cartridge, and should expect variances on yield depending on what they are printing and how much ink saturation is needed per document.

Simply, there is a minimal margin for error or tampering since all cartridges are pre-packaged before they arrive to Cartridge World Guam. Our customers have the assurance and the ease of mind that if any issues are present with our cartridges, 100% satisfaction is guaranteed to remedy the situation. To learn more about our exchange/return policy, click HERE.

Customer satisfaction is our passion! Please do not hesitate to contact us if any questions arise.

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